Software For Electric Utilities

Streamline hosting capacity maps and interconnection.

Simplify Hosting Capacity

Use Gridtwin's pre-built software to automate hosting capacity maps.

Plan Distributed Generation

Reporting and analytics to forecast distributed generation on your network.

Streamline Interconnection

Allow developers to simulate and estimate interconnection cost.

Save Time

Reduce the time and expense for your interconnection team.

Software to streamline interconnection.

Gridtwin for Utilities

  • Automate Hosting Capacity Maps
  • Reduce Pre-applications and Applications
  • Plan for Grid Upgrades
  • Improve Customer Experience
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Forecast Solar Deployment Accross Your Territory

Use Gridtwin's parcel analytics and forecasting alogorithms to predict where solar will deploy in your territory to plan for needed grid upgrades.

Streamline Hosting Capacity Maps and Interconnection Screening

Replace your hosting capacity maps with Gridtwin's interconnection platform. Give developers the data they need in a modern software interface with required logins, secure permissioning, and collaboration tools.

Automate Interconnection Screening

Gridtwin's network models instantly estimate the impact and cost of interconnecting a project. Prevent developers from wasting your time on infeasible interconnection applications.

Improve customer experience

Provide customers with the industry-leading tools for interconnection analysis and a better interconnection process.